Our Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Law

The services we provide under this area of law includes: drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements which arise in the ordinary course of business (e.g. consultancy agreements, supply of goods/services agreements, distributorship agreements, contracts of employment, maintenance services agreements etc).

We also proffer advises and services to clients regarding setting up of businesses, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, joint ventures, partnerships, business collaborations, mergers, acquisitions and other corporate and commercial needs of clients.

We further advise clients on the relevant laws applicable to their businesses and how to comply with same as well as interface with government/regulatory bodies on behalf of clients.

Real Estate

We are able to provide legal representation and services in the following areas:

Advice on private sales; Negotiation and drafting of letters of intent, contracts of sale and conveyancing documents;

Titles investigation and other due diligence; Handling process of title perfection;

Representing clients in various financing structures, including conventional construction, financing, securitized financing and raising capital through real estate investment trusts;

Drafting and negotiating leases; and Advice on compliance laws for the development of an Estate.

Commercial Litigation/Arbitration

We represent clients in court/arbitration proceedings in relation to disputes arising from commercial/business transactions.

Intellectual Property Protection

We advise clients on the best way to protect their intellectual properties and the rights attached to such intellectual properties.

We also assist in the registration of copyrights, trademarks, designs and patents.

Family Law

Our services under this heading include matters relating to marriages under the Marriage Act/Matrimonial Causes Act, child custody, child rights, adoption matters, drafting of wills and probate matters, letters of administration, administration of estates etc.

Capital Market

We advise and represent clients during public offers, private placements, listing and delisting of securities on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, issuance of corporate bonds, acquisitions, mergers etc.

our services ranges from legal advice and opinion on the structure of capital market transactions to the drafting/reviewing of relevant legal documents such as Vending Agreements, Joint Issuing Houses Agreement, Underwriting Agreements, Prospectuses, Rights Circulars etc.

Employment and Labour Law

We proffer legal advice and opinion on the employment and labour laws applicable in the country.

Our services also includes negotiating and drafting of contracts of employment, interfacing with relevant trade unions on behalf of the client, representing clients during trade/industrial disputes or collective bargaining, drafting/reviewing and interpretation of terms and conditions of employment etc.

Our services also include reviewing of contracts of employment and advice/representation in cases of workplace discrimination, unlawful dismissal etc.


We assist foreign clients in processing relevant visas, business permits and other permits and licenses required in the country and we also help clients that wish to employ expatriates in processing expatriate quota position slots and other relevant documentation with the relevant authorities.

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Company Secretarial Services

We act as company secretaries to corporate clients. Our services in this regard include advising the Board of Directors, convening and attending Board meetings and general meetings, taking of minutes at Board and general meetings, maintenance of statutory books, filing of annual returns, advising on good corporate governance practices and ensuring compliance with the Company Law.

Banking and Investment

We offer comprehensive legal advice to financial institutions on secured/unsecured credit transactions as well as local and foreign currency loan agreements.

We also proffer advice to clients on the structure of investment transactions including leveraged and non-leveraged Investments as well as draft/review all the relevant legal documentation.

Information Technology

We have vast experience in information technology laws and transactions.

We have assisted our clients in negotiating information technology transactions and in the drafting of the usual contracts that arise in the transactions such as: software development/licensing/maintenance agreements, value added services agreements, third party content provision agreements, platform as a service agreements etc.

We also have a good understanding of the commercial issues that arise in information technology transactions and are able to utilize our knowledge in this regard to the best interest of our clients.

Foreign Investments in Nigeria

We advise foreign clients that wish to invest in Nigeria.

We proffer advice and legal opinion on the relevant investment laws and applicable incentives to investors in Nigeria.

We also assist clients to invest in or incorporate companies in Nigeria and if required act as nominees for such investment or incorporation.